100 “Getting to Know You” Questions

Since I am new here, I decided to answer a list of 100 questions that I found at http://www.signupgenius.com . The list, and my replies, follow:

  1. My biggest hero is Curtis Oakes, one of my best friends from childhood who died in Afghanistan in 2010 while serving the US Army.  It sounds cliche, but he truly was one of those amazing people who brought love and joy to everyone he ever met.  I ran into him at a movie theater in our hometown just before he joined the Army, and that was the last one of his incredible hugs I received.  I miss him every.single.day. 10409359_10152395728552435_1389460524558018716_n.jpg
  2. If I could live anywhere, it would be a location where the mountains kiss the sea.  Cali is my first thought, but beggars can’t be choosers.
  3. I struggle with anxiety, so I have numerous fears: rejection, large crowds (unless I’m with someone I trust), falling (in general, but now I have a special loathing for stairs), something bad happening to anyone I love, natural disaster, car accidents (this stems from a horrible accident in the past), not being the best mom to my boys, repeated heartbreak… * I am in this life-flight, being flown from Athens to Grant Medical Center’s trauma unit in Columbus, OH after I was hit in my passenger side at 70 mph.*326265_10151137411622435_384200427_o.jpg
  4. Growing up, we often visited the mountains in North Carolina as well as Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.
  5. If I could change anything about myself, it would be increased self-confidence and decreased anxiety, but on the flip side, these facets of myself allow me to love others in a more sensitive and complete way.
  6. I become angry when: people are cruel to others, I’m in ridiculous traffic (which is every damn day in this city!), people disrespect the people I love or myself…
  7. The best motivators for me to work hard: Money, obviously, but “words of affirmation” go a LONG way with me.  Verbal encouragement works for me as well.
  8. I work with kids who have ASD, and my favorite part of my job is when they make progress, especially on their tougher goals.
  9. What I like least about my job is watching kids face frustration, anger, sadness, and many other challenging emotions.  It’s quite heartbreaking at times.
  10. My proudest accomplishment is raising my boys in a shared parenting agreement with their father. A couple of years ago, I never would have imagined that he and I would be able to parent in harmony with each other, but here we are doing just that.
  11. My boys’ proudest accomplishments, without asking them, would be their sports improvements (basketball, baseball, and now flag football starting soon).  They are also proud of their excellent grades.
  12. Here are a few of my favorite books:time-travelers-wife broken.jpgborn a crime.jpg
  13. I laugh easily at many things, but animal personification gets me every time!
  14. The last movie I went to see was Central Intelligence.  It was extra funny because the older ladies in front of me weren’t amused with most of the movie. =)
  15. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a writer or a counselor.
  16. When my kids grow up, they want to be a doctor, an NBA star, and a veterinarian/writer.
  17. If I could choose to do anything for a day, I would be enjoying the mountains or a warm beach on the ocean.
  18. My favorite sports to watch are football, MMA, and hockey.  I don’t play team sports, but I do enjoy hiking and yoga.
  19. If I could choose between riding a bike, a horse, or in a car, I would choose t he horse *unless* it’s a high end sports car and I can go as fast as  I want without a visit from the cops.  I once hit 120 and, for me, it was thrilling. =)
  20. I would never sing karaoke.  Not even drunk.
  21. I don’t usually listen to radio stations because I have invested a lot of effort into my Spotify playlists.  I’m convinced I could drive to the west coast and not run out of preferred music.
  22. If I had to choose out of these: mow the lawn/wash the dishes/clean the bathroom/vacuum the house, I would choose to vacuum.
  23. If I could hire someone to help with either yard work, cooking, or cleaning, it would be yard work because I’m allergic to most things out there.
  24. If I could eat only one meal forever, it would be PIZZA!
  25. It’s tough to choose only one author, but I enjoy reading James Patterson, and my boys do, too.
  26. As a kid, my nickname was JenJen.  As an adult, many people call me Jen. When I went to Vegas a few years ago with some friends, I ended up being really sick, so one of my friends called me “Tissues” because I had them stashed EVERYWHERE in case I needed any.
  27. I love surprises, but I blush/become shy very easily.
  28. In the evening, given these choices: play a game/visit a relative/read/watch a movie, I would choose to write instead. =)
  29. It would be tough to choose between Hawaii or Alaska for a vacation.  Hmmm….
  30. If I could choose to win the lottery or work at the perfect job for me, I would choose the job because: essentials of life.jpg
  31. Who would I want to be stranded with on an island? Hmmm…
  32. If money was not a worry, I would travel as much as humanly possible.
  33. If I could go back in time, I would visit the 60s hippie era.
  34. My friends would describe me as a stubborn extroverted introvert.
  35. Hobbies: writing, reading, digital scrapbooking
  36. The best gift I’ve received: my boys.
  37. The worst gift I’ve received: I’m not sure about this one. I’m a grateful person and I try to find the good in everything, even it if takes some time.
  38. One thing I couldn’t go a day without: my phone. I write with it, my calendar is in it, everyone’s numbers are in there, and I don’t have a land line.
  39. 2 pet peeves: Loud/gross eating habits and the neighbors being obnoxious motherfuckers.
  40. In 5 years, I see myself a better writer, a better mother, being more healthy in general, and living in a place that I appreciate and adore, along with a strong and passionate love life. And a partridge in a pear tree!!!
  41. I own about 10-15 pairs of shoes.  No, I’m not undercutting that.
  42. If I were a superhero, I would have the power to see into the future, as that would ease my mind about a lot of things. I hope.
  43. If I won the lottery: Pay off debt, buy a house, a car, a motorcycle, a boat, travel…
  44. My favorite mode of public transportation is flying or the trolleys in New Orleans. =)
  45. My favorite zoo animal is any primate along with the polar bears. We’ve had a couple of babies at the Columbus Zoo recently. =) polar bear.jpg
  46. If I could go back in time to change one thing, I would make myself more self confident in high school and stand up to my bullies much sooner.
  47. If I could share a meal with 4 people alive or dead: Slash, Corey Taylor, Curtis (my friend who was KIA), and one lucky friend.
  48. How many pillows do I sleep with? A multitude since I broke my leg and tore ankle ligaments last September.
  49. The longest I’ve gone without sleep is about 2 days, and that is because I have chronic insomnia.  Prescription sleep meds have led to very strange occurrences…
  50. The tallest building I’ve been in….
  51. Looks or intelligence? Intelligence! All day every day!!!
  52. How often do I buy clothes? Maybe a few times a year?
  53. Have I ever had a secret admirer? Nah, I’m pretty good at figuring out stuff like that.
  54. My favorite holiday is usually Christmas, but I was pretty down this past Christmas.  I’m truly glad that it’s finally over.
  55. The most daring thing I’ve done is going 120 on the highway.
  56. The last thing I recorded on TV is The Bachelor (it’s recording right now).
  57. The last (current) book I’ve read is Born a Crime by Trevor Noah.  Read it! I’ve learned so much, and he is fascinating!
  58. My favorite type of foreign food: manicotti and enchiladas
  59. I am a very  messy person!!! I clean up my clutter, but it’s back again quickly.
  60. Who should play me in my life movie? Hmm….
  61. It takes me about 1-1.5 hours to get ready.
  62. Kitchen appliance used every day: Stove/oven
  63. Favorite fast food: Chipotle!!!
  64. My favorite family recipe is chili.
  65. I’ve never been a huge fan of roller coasters.  Anxiety is a motherfucker
  66. My favorite family tradition: For a few years, it was Braxton the Elf at Christmas.  This past year, only 1 of my boys believed anymore, and I have a feeling he won’t by next year.  Where have my babies gone?
  67. My favorite childhood memory is going to Myrtle Beach .  My parents left me in charge of my sister and brother when I was 13 so my parents could go golfing.  They said do not cook anything, do not go anywhere, blah blah blah. Well, I cooked Rice a Roni with no water, so it all burned to the pan (which belonged to the hotel!) Then, I gave my siblings hush money so we could walk a couple of miles to my favorite souvenir shop called “The Gay Dolphin”.  We had a fabulous time until later that night, the heathens confessed.  So much trouble…but worth it!    MB.jpg
  68. My favorite movies: Four Christmases, Wedding Crashers, Frozen…and suddenly, I have forgotten all movies I’ve ever seen.
  69. I was 8 when I found out about Santa being pretend.  A friend at school told me.
  70. Whether my glass is half full or half empty depends on the day.
  71. The craziest thing I’ve done in the name of love: When my now ex-husband (and the boys’ dad) lived in Cleveland and I lived in Athens, during winter break when we were 4 hours apart, I drove to surprise him at his family’s Christmas gathering (I had talked to his mom ahead of time).  I had never driven on major highways in a city before, AND it was snowing like crazy, but I was hellbent. =)
  72. The three items I would take with me on a deserted island: I feel like this is a trick question.  My instinct is to say, “Journal, pens, and someone SO AWESOME!” But then, I think, “water, food, flares!”
  73. My favorite subject in high school was AP English.  My favorite classes in college were: Personality Psychology, Child Psychology, Criminal Psychology, and Anatomy with cadaver lab.
  74. The most unusual thing I’ve eaten: squirrel, duck, deer.
  75. I collect dolphin items, snow people as Christmas decorations, and Willow Tree figurines. I adore how each figurine has a special meaning. This one is called “Promise”.  willow tree promise.jpg
  76. I don’t wish anything would come in or out of fashion because I wear what I want regardless.
  77. I am an extroverted introvert.
  78. Of the 5 senses, touch is the strongest, giving or receiving.
  79. I’ve never had a surprise party, but I have helped plan them.
  80. The famous person I’m related to is  Nathan Griffith of Teen Mom 2.  This is complicated, but he’s my 2nd step-cousin, lol! (My step-dad’s cousin).  When I’ve told this to a few people, I am usually met with doubt until they seem him wearing his Athens High School shirts on the show and on Instagram.
  81. I had lost weight through interval running, hiking, and yoga until I broke my leg in September 2016.  It turns out, the “broken leg diet” is quite efficient since it was difficult to get to the kitchen, let alone cook anything elaborate.  I’ve also lost a lot of muscle from being less active.  I have lost track of the amount of weight I have shed.  OH! And depression from this whole thing slowed my eating down as well.  A blessing and a curse.
  82. There are no family mottos that I know of….
  83. If you were ruler of your own country what would be the first law you would introduce? – Something to do with slashing health care costs significantly.  Socialist, perhaps, but I don’t give a fuck.  This system is disastrous!
  84. My favorite teacher (professor) was my Psych Stats prof. I had taken the class once before and failed miserably.  I had to have it for my degree, so I had to retake the course.  I was dreading it until I experienced my professor.  First, he was Canadian with a fascinating accent.  Second, when I told up upfront about my previous struggles, he offered to tutor me outside of class.  I was working in the carry out portion of a bar most nights of the week, so he offered to meet me there after I was done working.  We sat in a booth, drank a couple of beers, and he helped me through most of the class.  I ended up with an 89%, 40% or so higher than before. =)
  85. What three things do you think of the most each day – My boys, writing, remembering to take my meds.
  86. If you had a warning label, what would yours say? – “She may seem quiet and shy, but wait until you allow her to be comfortable with you!”
  87. What song would you say best sums you up? – OMG I cannot possibly choose just one!!!
  88. What celebrity would you like to meet at Starbucks for a cup of coffee? – Corey Taylor! Reading and listening to his books, I know he’s phenomenal about connecting on a deep level, not to mention his ability to sing hardcore AND to sing softly, and is the master of both. ❤
  89. My first crush was when I  was 5.  We kissed under the pine trees behind my apartment complex, and he sang. “Kokomo” to me. Then he moved, breaking my heart.
  90. What’s the most interesting thing you can see out of your office or kitchen window – Hello darkness, my old friend…
  91. On a scale of 1-10 how funny would you say you are? – 7/8 based on how much other people laugh in response to me.
  92. In ten years, I hope to have published some of my writing.  My boys will all be adults (!!!), so – freedom! =)
  93. My first job was babysitting.
  94. If you could join any past or current music group which would you want to join? – None, because being on stage is not my thing.
  95.  How many languages do you speak? English, un peu de Francais, and whatever Spanish I’ve  learned from Sesame Street and other kids’ shows, as well as swearing in Spanish.
  96. My favorite holiday tradition – I already answered this.
  97. Who is the most intelligent person you know? My surgeon? Ha.
  98. If you had to describe yourself as an animal, which one would it be? – A dolphin since they are intelligent, playful, and need the ocean to survive.
  99. What is one thing you will never do again?  Rush into anything I am not ready for, and I will stop giving chances to anyone who takes chances for granted.
  100.  Who knows you the best? me.

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