Queen of the Comeback

I used to recede sadly into shadows, turning tears into lines

filling drawers and boxes with filled up papers and books

sometimes sharing, turned away, “You say too much”

never really bothered to take half a look

all the while, others pressed me to go public

and I found myself suddenly sharing the stage

with other writers and readers, inspired, inspiring 

flying my cage 

but here they come, here they are

they’ve  seen people speaking my praise

(unspeakable!) newfound fans suddenly 

as if their causeless cutting ways never fazed me.

I’m amazed in the worst possible way

I’m made of ink, tattooed fives over in ink, submerged always in sound

words have had a way with me for two and a half weeks shy of thirty five years

and it took just shy of 500 followers, countless likes and comments to decide to come around?!

I see myself from outside myself, staring not at all empty at empty paper and screens

screaming inside, words hiding in the dark where I can’t yet reach

it’s like the words know they’re being watched

frantically anxious in the midst of the security breach.

I can’t sleep, barely write two whole days straight

delete, backspace, facepalm, escape into the deep blue

world of news, reading and sinking my need for distraction into an obsession over the plane crash in Lake Erie, the people from my city, I didn’t know them but feel like I did, and I cry because that’s what empaths do but I digress. 

I’ve got to shake this evil unrest

put on the gloves, grip the bat, and crack

the ball disappears into the glowing sun, out of the park!

Queen of the comeback. 


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