Spiritual Guidance

Intuition is an interesting and often mind boggling sense. I’ve become increasingly aware of it intentionally, but this week alone,  it has spoken to me quite strongly a few different times, the main one being the other day when it told me to wear my medical boot because I would need the extra stability.  Minutes later, my boys and I were trying to pry the frozen vehicle doors open with all of our strength. Today, it told me to take a different route; although that route had all traffic lights out at a major intersection, that was nothing compared to the congested mess I witnessed when I drove on a bridge crossing over the highway I WOULD HAVE been traveling. Whew! All of this reminds me of the loudest intuituve voice I’ve ever heard; I was 2 hours from home with my children, and while trying to leave, I got caught up in conversation for another hour. On the way home, I found out that my usual route, a major highway in my city, was entirely closed due to a fatal accident that had occurred when I had originally intended on traveling through that area. I am for certain that my guardian angel needs an overtime bonus!


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