Walls Around Us

The frigid wind howls around the house, how, she wonders, am I supposed move my muscles? Another moment recedes as the doorbell rings. Special morning delivery! Her lips part with instant passion and pain; just his name makes her insane with desperate yearning, momentarily burning the place in her soul that he touched and let go. She had always hated fractions, and he had only offered half or less, but his caress is the work of the devil himself; the things she would sell to join him in Hell! She is speechless, and he speaks so fluently with his hands, her strings singing the song he knows so well, their crescendo filling the hall. The sole word on her lips is that name of his, sure to haunt her day and night but in this moment, she’s all right with that and she traps in, “I love you” but he’s doing it, too.


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