Invictus Pt 1

​Today was my second day of PT, first day of exercises in my athletic shoes only (NO support otherwise), and I am worn out! The 360 degrees of ice wrap at the end was HEAVENLY! Then, in true masochist form, I went straight to my rheumatology appointment where he increased my Neurontin (for long standing nerve issues) and I received my every-3-months Kenalog injections in each knee. Yep- even the healing side!  Thanks to osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, I have no/minimal/damaged cartilage in each knee. Multiple surgeons and my rheumatologist say that I NEED double knee replacements, but most insurances won’t allow it until a person is 40 years old. I’m 8 “aware’ years into this battle: what’s 5 more, right? 😒 Anyway, I’m on rest for the weekend, rheumy’s orders due to injections plus ongoing recovery from last autumn’s leg break and ankle ligaments being ruptured.  However, these steroids are like a days-long cocaine binge for me; wiicked high levels of often unstoppable energy, acting a savage and the worst part is appetite levels rival that of a teenage boy, but I’m supposed to rest despite all of this. Ha. 

“My head is bloodied yet unbowed.” – Henley


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