Apparently, my brain decided to play nice after yesterday’s “Highway Slaughter” nightmare, offering this one as the best peace gift ever:

I can’t quite recall the setting, but it was a large house, and the weather was absolutely beautiful. The New England Patriots were there for a party, and I had my eye on Julian Edelman (shocking, I know! 😉) We continued flirting the entire evening, and at one point, he leaned in for a kiss, causing sunbeams to practically burst out of my body. We danced, talked, and kissed the entire night until he had to go to bed because there was a game the next day.

I was highly disappointed at the end to the magical evening, and couldn’t sleep (in my room down the hall from his). I crept quietly down the hall, trying not to wake anyone else. Julian’s door was slightly open, and he was stretched out, relaxed but awake. He glanced up, meeting my eyes, and he grinned, motioning me in. He grabbed my thighs, pulling me into bed and on top of his warm, muscular body. I was instantly aroused, as was he. He pushed the jersey I was wearing – his of course – up until the hem met my shoulders, putting a finger over my lips when I started to protest my imperfect body. His fingers slipped and squeezed all over my body and mine, his. We were all over that bed and I was arching my back against his chest and his mouth was hot on my neck…

Then I woke up. 🙈


* It sounds like the wind is going to rip the house apart, so maybe an unknown tornado had carried me away in my dreams to the Land Of Oz, and Julian was the wizard. 😉😂





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