Hair and Happiness

Left side: Taken Thursday just before I went into the salon after 9 months of no hair cut, hair color, or eyebrow waxing. I also went to a new stylist after a decade with my previous stylist which caused anxiety.  I was wearing eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick and was quite sleep deprived. 
Right Side: Taken yesterday (Saturday) immediately after a night of sleep, a hot shower, and the same 3 makeup supplies as Thursday.  No editing, just indoor vs. outdoor light as well as a significant confidence booster. 

I’m glad I forced myself out of my shell! After breaking my leg/tearing all the ankle ligaments in a sleepwalking incident last fall, it feels incredible to look and feel like myself again. It was extremely difficult after injury to even get situated on/stand up from the toilet as well as into and out of the shower; hair care was no longer a consideration! However, as time progressed, as did I, my long, thick hair became a problem in and of itself. I couldn’t reach the bottom of the back of my hair, making washing and combing difficult. I also completely gave up on drying or styling! I usually had it in a top knot on my head, but the weight of it kept undoing itself. I broke “unbreakable” ponytail holders, clogged drains several times over, added my hair as an ingredient to food despite having it pulled back, and my hair was constantly everywhere including stuck to everyone’s clothes after a laundry cycle! It was time to make my hair great again. 😎 And so I did. 


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