Here We Go Again

I’m not sure I’ve blogged yet, at least not extensively, about having Rheumatoid Arthritis. I plan on writing a more in depth blog at some point, but for the sake of staying on topic within this post, let me just say that the power the weather wields over my wellness SUCKS!!! I’ve known all weekend from weather reports that this winter weather is approaching, but if I hadn’t, my “human weather vane” powers would have  informed me, and they did so starting last night and haven’t stopped since.

I felt fine all weekend. Yesterday, I even went shopping for fun for the first time in a long time. My Christmas money has been burning a hole in my pocket! (Side note: Why in the HELL  do stores put  bras for women with LARGER  breasts on the BOTTOM of racks? *pun not intended* My back STILL hurts from doing the “Uttanasana” yoga pose just to find the bras I needed!)

ANYWAY! I fully expected to sleep well after the shopping extravaganza. I suffer from chronic insomnia, so no matter how tired I am, I generally have to do some combination of reading and writing to calm my senses. Last night, however, the migraine decided it wanted some dominant/subsmissive action, totally taking the reins, the whip, the chains to my horrifying pain. I couldn’t read, write, listen to music; all I could do was exist in the dark, which didn’t seem all that dark when all of the flashing, neon lights and designs being produced by this beast of a headache made me feel like I was tripping on some wicked hallucinogenic. The pain became so intense that I ended up crying on and off for part of the night, and the crying only intensified the pain.

Fortunately, today hasn’t been as intense, but it is still uncomfortable. As the low pressure continues to move in to the area, inflammation continues to affect my entire body; redness, swelling, exhaustion, stiffness, pain, you name it. It ain’t my first rodeo, but I do wish this was only 8 seconds at a time.




4 thoughts on “Here We Go Again

  1. That sucks so much. I have a lot of patients with RA and it makes me really sad for them 😦 My knee always hurts when it’s about to rain, but that’s the extent of my “Inner weather system” … but that’s enough for me when I nearly fall down the stairs face first in the house because my knee is suddenly like “OH HEY GIRL, IT’S GONNA RAIN!!!”

    Is there nothing the doctors can do? I don’t know much about RA.


    1. I did thigh injections for awhile but they didn’t work well enough to be worth the cost. I’m currently on my third (forth?) medication and it’s better than most so far, so I’m praying that it keeps working. I’ve been in and out of pt and various surgeries as well and medical massage. It’s a lot of trial and error because everyone responds differently.

      I’m sorry to hear that your knee flares up like that. It’s so strange how weather affects our bodies!

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