Let’s Buy a Bakery!

They very much value vintage dates; flowers, lingering kisses and holding hands

meshing, almost matching, serendipitous souls and and the meeting of the minds within.

In the wildfire of their flourishing friendship and love, they can’t help but desire to discover

the bodies of the breathtaking other, the universe rising beneath and between their skin

intensely gravitating them together as the moon and the sea, infinitely more immense.

Their senses acutely aware of the undeniable desire – the NEED – to measure

the pleasure of the other’s rise and release from the sound of their shared words and sighs

to the sight of their mutual sweet smiles and bedroom-wild eyes

and the dangerous and decadent scent in that curve of the other’s necks, trailing purposefully far below

curling toes into each other’s flesh and bones with arched backs as they not only taste tender bites

but they buy the whole damn bakery!

They used to be neighbors but now they’re partners; best friends, lovers, the loves of each other’s lives. Every ingredient is created straight from the hearts of these two “sweet”hearts. Their race home for the after-hours ingredient-body-painting taste-test is their ultimate favorite part!






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