The Fool


What a Life to Take!

“He was such an amazing person”. Every time a person passes away, we hear this. I will admit that sometimes I wonder if people just say that to be nice. However, the person that my hometown community lost yesterday was BEYOND amazing. It’s so damn strange to me to even say past tense words in describing him. His good vibes were absolutely infectious and everyone loved him including my sister and every hometown friend young or older I can possibly think of. He was THE best friend anyone could have. I’ve spent today reading what everyone has been posting about him, and messaging one of my mutual childhood friends about him, the same friend who rallied for Jamie and I to start dating some years back. Jamie and I lived 2 hours apart so we Skyped for a couple of months for many hours at a time, despite me loathing video chatting. However, he almost instantly made me feel comfortable and we began sacrificing nights of sleep, bonding, which included sharing our favorite songs and adding to our Spotify lists based on each other’s favorites. He’d sing to me, I’d blush. On and on it went until we decided to finally meet at the urging of our friends. We did, and it was incredible! I couldn’t finish saying hi before he graced me with one of the best kisses of my life. I still remember how delicious he smelled, what he was wearing, how he pulled me into him and wouldn’t let go.

Eventually, we went our separate ways, but the world certainly lost one hell of a man yesterday. It’s unreal – he was just in Miami a couple of weeks ago! No one saw this coming, and everyone who loved him is devastated. He was so young. None of this makes sense at the moment. I’m not sure it ever will. He has some busy angel work ahead of him where he can also reunite with his best friend.  ❤

One Important Question

Ever since I was in a serious car accident in high school, I do my best to keep this thought in mind. Anything can happen at any time, so despite momentary feelings, always leave with loving words whether leaving for five minutes or five days. 

Making Amends and Ditching the Drama 

One thing I’ve noticed over time is that I tend to prefer interacting with males rather than females. Don’t get me wrong; we females are incredible, and I love my favorite ladies to pieces. However, we can and do sign, seal, and deliver the drama ruthlessly and often relentlessly. I couldn’t handle it as a child and have much more important things to focus on as an adult.

This is not to say that I am perfect, but this IS to say that we, as women and even men, should certainly take note from others in terms of problem solving; address, plan, enact, resolve, and MOVE ON! Be CIVIL. No silent treatments, no passive agrression, no nasty glares. Don’t forget, if you have kids, they are observing your every move and word. Be a role model for them, and a kinder, more loving person for the betterment of your own soul. What goes around…